A sidewalk cave-in at the Rex Theatre caused the deal of little Daniel gill and injuries to the mayor’s daughter, Leila Platou.
The Barnes County Implement company purchased the interest of the Mason and Pray Company dealers in the Deere and Weber line of farm machinery.
The Daughters of the American Revolution started the Sakakwea chapter here.
Valley City was to have a new post office. Postmaster W. W. smith said the post office department was asking for bids for the construction of a federal building here. The government had secured property on fourth Avenue and Fourth Street (Third Street SE and 2 nd Avenue).
The Valley City Street Railway put into service a new car for passenger and baggage traffic.
The Valley City Country Club was organized with C. F. Mudgett, president. Consideration was being given to the Chilberg property west of the river, 55 acres, as a site.
The Valley Hotel expanded with a move into the property formerly occupied by the Gill Company. The hotel office will be moved into this space and also the Eat shop, formerly in the basement.
The Golden Rule store has been opened by Manager Andreason on Main Street.
The Pegg Garage was to have jitneys running this season. These busses were on large running gears, one a Case, and the other a Chalmers. Each would accommodate 12 to 16 passengers.
The Rudolf Hotel was sold by C. A. Sampson to S. Varo, Emmetsburg, Iowa.
S. P. Ellis sold his fuel business and Standard Oil Agency to A. H. Grady, Tower City.
A contract for St. Catherine’s parochial school was given to W. J. Curren, Valley City, who bid $8, 514.
The Right Price Department Store began building a two-story addition to its building.
The Valley City Grocery Store Company, located in the Masonic Temple, was constructing new quarters on Front Street on railway trackage. The building was completed August 1.
Fred Riedman purchased the business of Frank Flora on the corner of Main Street and Fourth Avenue (Geilser site, Second Avenue NE). Flora handled farm machinery and automobiles.
Henry Beal was elected commander of the state Grand Army of the Republic.
The war department at Washington ordered mobilization of the National Guard, fearing that war was coming closer. The local company was expected to leave for Fort Lincoln in several days.
An electric flag on top of the city hall was unveiled; the current was switched on the Old glory blazed forth amid appropriate ceremonies.
Company G was accorded several fine receptions prior to going to Fort Lincoln. From there the troops would be taken to the Mexican border for service. It was be the first detachment to be mustered into federal service, and indication of its readiness.
Lee Cowell took over management of the Barnes county Implement company from Manager V. Bowles.
E. Liljenberg, S. Phillips and Al Lindeen have formed the Mechanics Construction Company.
Leo Straus was disposing of his interest in the Straus clothing company to go to Paterson, N. J. to become a member of a silk manufacturing company. His interests here were taken over by Herman Stern and M. G. Straus of Casselton.
The Valley City Male Chorus was found with Prof. L. B. McMullen, president, and Dr. D. L. Wicks, vice president.
Berg and Bensen hardware stock was bought by Veblen,