Located at the junction of the Soo Line Railroad and the Sanborn branch of the Burlington Northern Railroad, Rogers was founded in October, 1897.  It was a consolidation of several adjacent post offices:  Olive, Odell, Booth, Loury and Mattison, whose post offices were discontinued and moved to the Rogers Office.

Several stories are presented for the naming of Rogers, which was fist called “Roger”.  One story has it that G. J. parker, who owned a store in Olive, named the village for A. R. Rogers of the Smith and Rogers Lumber Company of Minneapolis.  Another say that the village was named for Joseph H. Rogers, the original town site owner.  Regardless of whom it was named for, the first name was “Roger” and changed to “Rogers” on July 13, 1917.

Rogers enjoyed rapid growth at first, after being platted on July 26, 1898.  Post office records indicate that Nels Larson was the first postmaster.  Prominent business men included A. P. Farrell, Nels Larson, O. P. Walker, Einar Christenson, P. O. Waller, Fred Stearns, A. P. Paulson, and G. J. Parker.

As was the case of many Barnes County villages, fires have been a large factor in the decline of Rogers, as well as the automobile and good roads.