Western Hotel

According to Con Schweinler, an early settler who came to
the valley in 1874 and settled south of Valley City (then known as “Second
Crossing”) he found a hotel being conducted in a tent, there being no building
other than the section house.  In the
front end of this hotel, James Morrison sold calico and sugar as well as the
meals which Donald D. McFadgen cooked in the back end of the tent.  There were sleeping bunks along the
sidewalls.  The establishment was known
as “The Western Hotel”.  Others have
indicated that Donald D. McFadgen did not do the cooking but that a man by the
name of Richard McKinnon was in partnership with James Morrison.  The Andreas Atlas, the first atlas of the
Dakotas, notes that it was Donald D. McFadgen and McKinnon who had the hotel.