State basketball tournament was awarded to Valley City to be held in the new college gym.

H. C. Bjerke came here from Bismarck as manager of the Russell-Miller Milling Plant

Margaret Engemoen, Valley City. Won sixth prize in the state essay contest, “How to Keep Boys and Girls on the Farm.”

Clifford C. McDonald became the sole owner of the dry cleaning establishment of McDonald and Murdock.

The college basketball squad, coached by L. G. Hurst, won all but one of their contests and was named conference champions.

W. H. Pray was elected mayor of Valley City.

Plans for the new Piller theatre were in the hands of John Piller with construction expected during the summer.

Mrs. Marie Spiker was elected Most Excellent Chief of the Pythian sisters as that group held its first meeting.

Charley Hokanson was named chief of police replacing Mr. Swanson.

The Bank of valley city, following reorganization, opened for business with K. A Bonhus, president, and Frank Cook, vice-president.

A permanent organization for the Greater North Dakota Association was formed with Herman Stern, president, Dr. S. N. Thams, Fargo, had purchased the dental business of Dr. W. N. Palmer, who was leaving for California.

Father John Baker was elevated to Right Reverend Monsignor by Pope Pius XI.

Barnes County Courthouse was gutted by fire so officials would conduct business from City Hall.  The courthouse was built in 1882 and the fire came on the 5oth birthday of Barnes County.

Robertson’s Women’s Wear had leased space on top of the vault of the Bank of Valley City to be occupied by Molly Olson’s millinery shop.  Olson’s space was utilized for a beauty parlor.  John Gavin resigned as division engineer of the highway commission.

Two gas masks, two fire extinguishers and a life net were added to the fire department equipment.

The Northern Pacific announced it had completed automatic block systems on the railroad from St. Paul to the west coast.

Henry Kniprath and Victor Vaupel bought J. H. Sampson’s lunchroom.