Cuba Incident

About 1899 a Frenchman by the name of Paul Paradieu lived in a sod shanty located north of the elevator in Cuba and on the east edge of Cuba lake or slough.  Here he ran a “blind pig” of sorts, selling liquor illegally, which he bought in large white jugs.

One day a train pulled into the siding at Cuba and several hobos got off the train.  Seeing Paradieu’s soddy, they walked over and entered.  Tying his hands and feet and taping his mouth, the hobos ransacked the cabin, taking the money Paradieu had saved and helping themselves to his liquor.  They then left and boarded the trains as it pulled out of the station.

Paradieu remained tied up and unable to make his predicament known for a long time and until he was found in this condition by one Amos Rhodes (Rhoades).  Amos, instead of untying Mr. Paradieu, as was expected, left the soddy and walked almost a mile to the home of Ab Mc Cready to get him as a witness while Paul Paradieu was freed.

Paradieu was supposed to have said that the longest time he ever spent was while Amos Rhoades walked to Ab McCready’s place and returned.  The hobos involved were never apprehended and the excitement was over in Cuba.