Zion Lutheran Church – Oriska

In 1882 signals the the beginnings of the Zion Lutheran Church of Oriska, North Dakota.  Rev Maerz held meetings of the faithful from Oriska area in the homes of Emil Haase, A. Kuhn, and P. Allamscha for several years.  In January of 1881, the church was formally organized and Rev. H. Schoelein was called as pastor.  On June 1, 1895, the Rev. J. F. L. Bohnhoff, who served Trinity Lutheran of Valley City, Zion of Getchell and St. Paul’s of Sanborn, became the pastor of Oriska’s Zion as well.  The Reverend Bohnhoff served this parish until his death in 1943, or forty eight years of dedication.

A small church, Zion Lutheran nevertheless, through the dedicaton of its members, constructed and then dedicated a debt free church building on August 6, 1904.  At the time it served only twelve families, who raised three thousand dollars to pay for the construction.

In 1973 the connection with the Trinity Lutheran Church of Valley City was discontinued and the Rev. J. A. Coughlin of Fargo, a retired pastor, served during 1974 – 1975m with Dr. James Bailey, Professor of Religion at Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, conducting services during the summer of 1975.

Church membership totaled 108, with 89 confirmed members and 17 Sunday School in 1975…

On Monday, May 16, 2011 there was a fire at this church.  News reports had members saying they will conduct Sunday Services on the lawn of the church if need be this coming Sunday.  It was a sight to see this church in flames.